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When using the Advanced Search I get no results.

  1. Use the 'Reset' button to clear the search form, then begin search again.
  2. Decrease the number of things searched for. The Advanced Search form is an AND search where all information must be found in a listing for it to be found. The best search approach is to search for one piece of information then add more searchdetails to decrease the results.

Search Tips

  • Use Zip code search first. It will provide most accurate results.
  • Zip code can be used as a proximity search for businesses closest to your location. Using first few characters of zip code will increase the geographical search area and find businesses further away from your location. For example if you are in zip code 48103 enter 4810 to find all businesses in zip codes 48100 through 48109. This works for USA and Canadian postal codes.
  • Using quotes to find exact word or phrase. Example: "injection shop" will find businesses where that exact phrase is used.
  • Use full state name or at least first 3 letters of name, e.g. enter tex to find Texas. Two character state codes are not used.
  • To increase number of results, decrease the number of words entered, e.g. acme diesel repair will find more listings than acme diesel repair shop.
  • Use any known phone number.
  • Enter portion of street address (e.g. you know street, but not the number).
  • Enter portion of company name.
  • Enter portion of city name.
  • Sorry, there is no wildcard or word stemming search ability. We working on it...

Can't find something? Our advanced search can help. You can do a general search with partial information and then narrow the results with a number of options.

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