Update Your Listing

Keeping your listing information up-to-date is our top priority.

For free listing updates please email us from our contact page. For extensive updates or new listings please use the Add Listing form.

  1. NOTE: We DO NOT do Free Listing changes by phone!!
  2. We verify each listing change request. You MUST reply to our email using a company domain name email address. Change requests not using a company email address (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail, etc) will not be processed. Unfortunately we have had problems with listing competitors submitting false information.
  3. Follow the instructions below. PLEASE... if not we will ignore your request...

In your change request email, please include:

  • Business name, full address, and phone number.
  • Clear, detailed change instructions. Including 'before' and 'after' examples prevent misunderstanding and delays. 


  • Please send email with our contact page and we will send you the email address where you can send photos & images.
  • Please send photos and images as an email attachment.
  • ONE photo image file attachment per email. Multiple attachments can cause files to be corrupted or damaged.