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Listing Guidelines

Listing Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in adding your business in our Diesel business directory. Our goal at is to provide the most comprehensive directory of qualified, specialized diesel repair shops, diesel performance shops, diesel parts suppliers, diesel parts manufacturers, and diesel parts rebuilders. Due to this focus we are selective in which businesses we list.

To be included in our directory your business must meet the following guidelines:

  • Have been in business a minimum of one (1) year;
  • Specialize in the repair, service, or modification of diesel vehicles, or;
  • Specialize in supply of diesel vehicle parts or components, or;
  • Specialize in manufacture of diesel vehicle parts or components, or;
  • Specialize in rebuilding or remanufacturing of diesel vehicle parts or components.
  • Own specialized repair tools necessary to correctly repair the makes and models you claim to specialize in.
  • Employ technicians who have diesel specific training and certification.

Listings that will NOT be approved for addition to our directories include:

  • Backyard mechanics (no legitimate business address, business license, or listing).
  • Businesses without a website, Google page, Whitepages listing, or other means to verify their location.
  • Businesses that do NOT prominently indicate specific diesel specialization on their website, Yellowpages listing, or other means to verify diesel specialization.
  • Vehicle sales only businesses.

Please note: your listing request will be individually reviewed. If we cannot verify your specialization in diesels your listing will not be added. If we can’t determine your expertise, your prospective customers can’t either...

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